And the winner is…


The grass starter of our region will be based on a Pangolin.  You can read more about Pangolins here.

The next step is to determine a subtype (if any).  Please comment on this post with a sub-type that you think would best fit the Pangolin.  If you prefer that it is pure-grass, just reply “Pure-Grass”.

Once we have a sub-type, we will have artists post submissions and vote on them.


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  5. xalarion answered: I would like Ground as a sub-type.
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  8. furyfurret answered: Grass-Steel, it is really fitting because of it’s armor-like body <3
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  13. dsfrggtwegggweg answered: Hmm, I think ground for the subtype. Sense Pangolin tend to dig up ants and termites to eat.
  14. raeneum answered: I think ground or rock would make good subtypes, given the appearance of a pangolin….
  15. worstbaliffever answered: I am thinking…Grass/Steel
  16. spookybadonkadonks answered: Either Rock or Steel.
  17. eclo-canyon answered: Steel!
  18. thenderson answered: dragon
  19. shinypokemonstuck answered: If it were ground then it would be just like Sandshrew/Sandslash. Steel/ Grass
  20. furfrou answered: grass steel!
  21. deathturret answered: Ground
  22. goosegrumble answered: Grass/ground, I’d say.
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  24. firflare233 answered: Grass-Rock
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  26. ruth-aldine answered: Grass / steel would be interesting.
  27. cracklingmagic answered: Rock or ground