Fire Starter Suggestions

While we are voting for the Grass Starter, I am going to start taking suggestions for the Fire Starters.

Please suggest simple concepts, nothing too complex.

Don’t worry about typing too much, we will do another round of voting for a type after we settle on a concept.

Examples of a good suggestion:

Fire starter based on an Elephant!

Fire starter based on a raccoon/thief.



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    I’m a fire starter twisted fire starter! I wouls go for the zodiac, failing that a pun on the prodigy
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    start taking votes soon, so...have any suggestions get them
  6. spookybadonkadonks answered: Snake. I see it slowly becoming an Oriental Dragon.
  7. furfrou answered: Rabbit!!!
  8. goosegrumble answered: Dog or goat based
  9. purrisms answered: dog! or tiger! :D
  10. dragonofeternal answered: How about a starter based on a lion?
  11. watermeat answered: Seeing as all the fire starters so far have been based on the chinese zodiac, I say FIRE STARTER BASED ON A TIGER :3
  12. xorxon answered: Ox or Snake!
  13. purrquaza answered: Tiger might be fun!
  14. guavas answered: Tiger!! I would say dog but there are already so many fire canines
  15. creepyold-kit-hands answered: Fire Tiger (bcs of “tyger tyger burning bright”) or Fire Snake!
  16. hellotherehillary answered: Fire goat!
  17. i-remade-twice answered: rabbit
  18. mntndugan answered: Fire+Ice type. Sabertooth lion pokemon. icy cold blue fire mane and tail hair and ice fangs. Frostooth-Saburn-Artcifurno
  19. im-happening-now answered: Ox!
  20. jvpamdg answered: firefly + lazer OR jellyfish + floating lantern :D
  21. hatfights answered: I liked the idea you proposed a while back that the Blue Rhino Natural gas logo would be a good fakemon basis, so that’s my idea. Fire rhino.
  22. dsfrggtwegggweg answered: I’d love to see one based off of a firefly.
  23. eternalfearnham answered: Perilaus’s brazen bull?
  24. bloodyrainbows answered: Salamander or tiger or some kind of vicious reindeer.
  25. therobinski answered: Fire Rabbit, Goat or Dog would be real cool!
  26. artikgato answered: Why not an Ox that ends up Fire/Steel?
  27. purdyssciencecorner answered: Fire/Electric Type Fennec Foxes
  28. eclo-canyon answered: phoenixes, tigers, tropical birds
  29. beansandc0rnbread answered: Volcanic rhinoceros
  30. shinypokemonstuck answered: Fire starter based off a horse or red panda?
  31. eastdakota answered: fire starter based on a tiger only seems natural
  32. paintthecosmos answered: Ox! Not enough oxen!
  33. questionable-squirtle answered: Rabbit
  34. gymleaderraymond answered: A tiger would be pretty neat.
  35. deegayyy answered: Turtle
  36. thebeverage answered: butts
  37. vessel-of-ineptitude answered: Fire starter based on a tiger seems like an excellent pair.
  38. timribbons answered: A RABBIT!! And he can have really big ears at the end and be part flying type! :D
  39. epickiu answered: A tiger-like fire starter would look cool.
  40. brother-prickle answered: Kangaroo?
  41. harleyrossillustrates answered: Rabbit or maybe hares? Seen as witches familiars in Britain, and there’s the fire-infernal underplay thing going on